Well, hello there interested person. We are Team Zero. We enjoy video games, movies, comics, and a ton of other nerdy shit that we will use this site to talk about and show off.



AJ is a man. AJ doesn't like ham.

He enjoys video games, and playing MAMEs.

Streaming is his pastime, but isn't good at writing rhyme.

But he can do it. Some of the time.




Jake is the main editor of Team Zero content; whether it be audio, video, or written content. He also hosts the TZ Pod and TZ 20 with his fellow members and will be hosting the upcoming "Pokemon 101". He also enjoys Hearthstone, Star Wars, kitties, and rum.




Jimm, was born on a cold summer night in the middle of January, with two goals in mind, profits and yard-age. He can't decide when or where the wind will take him, but it is a wonderful place called El-Ray. #hashtag




Wow....that Nathan. SO handsome.